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We thank God for Justin’s contribution, testimony and faith!

God is pouring new wine into new wine skins to bring mercy and truth to a new generation!

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Contact: Esosa Osai


Three Generations are Gathering to Fight for a Spiritual Change
Young people and families are gathering on Mother’s Day weekend for a protest that is different from most. “The PROTEST” is a release concert for a book entitled Killing Idols for REVIVAL. It’s happening on Saturday, May 11, 2013, at the Russell Industrial Center Auditorium on 1600 Clay Street, off of the I-75 Freeway, just North of I-94.
Justin Rizzo, a worship leader from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO, is scheduled to lead worship and prayer. The Spoken Life Project, a spoken Word ministry from Chicago, IL, is also scheduled to speak. Jay Brian, and JWil Music, formerly of Jay & Jay SOUL, will also be rapping and speaking at The PROTEST, in their first Detroit performance as individual solo artists.
“We’ve talked to all of the artists, and even though they are from different areas of the MidWest, we’ve noticed that they are going in the same direction towards holiness, creativity, and fruitfulness in the Kingdom of God,” says Esosa Osai, Author of Killing Idols for REVIVAL.
Killing Idols for REVIVAL is a book that uncovers the hidden plots against the Church through dreams, interpretations, scriptures, and testimony.
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Good News, Good News, and Good News…


For those of you that don’t know, we have released a new version of Killing Idols for REVIVAL – version 2.0, the Spirit of Elijah Edition. It has a new chapter called “The Protest” and an extra chapter on the Fruits of Repentance.


We are celebrating with a release concert called THE PROTEST: DETROIT on May 11, 2013 featuring Justin Rizzo, Jay Brian, Spoken Life Project, and Jay Wil.


Many of you already have your ticket to the concert!!! Its the book. It could be the first release or the 2nd release.



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THIS EVENT IS FREE, Your ticket is a copy of the book with your name alone on the inside front cover!!

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Date: May 11, 2013
Time: 6pm
Location: TBA
Ticket: A hardcopy of the book Killing Idols For Revival – with your name alone on the inside front cover.

Get the Book:

• order at your local bookstore.

Justin Rizzo is coming from IHOP-KC, Minister Jay Brian from Texas, J Wil Music, and Spoken Life Chicago will share powerful spoken words inspired by themes from the book Killing Idols for REVIVAL. JESUS is Coming Soon to Reign as King, BUT don’t get it twisted – The Spirit of Elijah Comes First – to Restore All Things!!!!

This is not an Alternative, this is an Antidote. There are No easy shortcuts for our generation or our cities, so if you try one you are wasting your time.

The Spirit of Elijah Kills Idols, turns Hearts to the Father God our Creator, and joins with the Tabernacle of David to help us obey and worship Jesus Christ, Transform a Generation and hasten the Return of The King of the Universe – Jesus Christ.

1st Radio Interview! – FAVOR:-)

We haven’t even started the promo for Killing Idols for Revival but God blessed us with a radio interview anyway! “Model Life” with Saved In Style. Impact Radio Network. Tuesday 7pm. You don’t want to miss it!!! or download the APP on ur phone. TUNE IN Tuesday Sept 18 @7pm! Facebook message me or Twitter me any Questions you want me to Answer or any IDOLS you want GUILLOTINED!-)