The book is raw yet loving… not an easy combo to pull off!  –  Loan Officer, Troy, MI

This book is actually helping me, it is really eye opening. – Pastor, Atlanta, Georgia

When I read this book I really felt the purity of the Lord pouring out… rivers of water were pouring not only with the testimony and message but with the Word to back it up… it changed me… –         Marketing Manager, Arcada, CA

I definitely felt… more open to God’s way of doing things, and working on my prayer life to be spiritually aware of what happening out here and Cry out. –   Real Estate Manager, Ann Arbor, MI

The images in the book give you something to identify with, and remember in your mind when you come across it. How the dreams and imagery of the characters come together was very nice… –    Graphic Artist, Detroit, MI

So many of my members that have been asking about that type of thing will be interested in this book… it’s hitting a major need, a need that is almost unmet in the Body of Christ… –         Pastor, Atlanta, GA

I think you’ve identified the main spirits that will attack revival and harvest in the Church…  –  Pastor, Dearborn, MI

..It’s kind of entertaining, it’s pretty sweet. But the scripture references are very interesting. What’s funny is – now I’m noticing that I am in a similar type of situation. Now I know how to handle these situations better and totally rely on God. –         Music Producer, Detroit, MI

Take a quick journey into the real life of a young couple with a passion to glorify God and impact their culture and community for Jesus Christ.
Suddenly God let them see behind the scenes, and gave them a series of dreams revealing the principalities that Satan was sending against them. Their lives would never again be the same. A heightened level of dramatic activity followed. But throughout the process they were being given a heavenly blueprint and strategy for complete victory!

Read as they share the supernaturally symbolic dreams, the real life examples, the scriptural insights, dream interpretations, and practical strategies for overcoming the hindrances. The enemies of revival are idols that attempt to keep the Body of Christ from moving forward into the promises of God! It is their hope that you will be fully built up into the Image of Jesus Christ.

Read this supernatural book to find out how God’s last days messengers, five-fold ministers, preachers, musicians, singers, intercessors, writers, artists, families, and businesspeople can come together to help God with a Christ Focused revival and a mass mobilization of harvest laborers in the Earth!